Yallingup Beach

Some of the best surf beaches in Australia, the south west beaches, are located on the coast of Western Australia. Of them, the Margaret River beach of Yallingup is definitely one of the best.

Home to world-renowned professional surfers, Yallingup hosts the Malibu surf classic in December, as well as a range of other events throughout the year.

Always wanted to surf but never learnt how? Then the fully accredited and qualified Margaret River Surf School can teach you.

Why not combine your love of surfing with a bunch of other fun-filled activities and go on a surf tour. Blue Spirit Surf and Adventure retreats are all-inclusive and provide a range of activities, from relaxing through to exhilarating. You will learn how to surf, eat gourmet food, meet lots of like-minded people and have the best time of your life.

If you just want to take it easy, Yallingup Beach also provides a protected lagoon perfect for swimming and snorkelling. You may also like to try your luck at some fishing, soak up some rays while you read a book, or build sand castles with your children.

Margaret River weather is great throughout the year, with summers rarely getting hotter than 32 degrees Celsius and winters ranging from a minimum of 11 degrees to a maximum of 18 degrees.

So why not grab a Margaret River Map today and venture over to Yallingup to enjoy everything it has to offer?

For more information on Yallingup and the Margaret River region, please drop into the Visitor Information Centre, or check out our website.

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